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1 student detained, another injured after school attack

An Alabama teen was detained after allegedly assaulting a fellow student at a high school, resulting in the second student’s hospitalization on May 1. Local authorities reported that a 15-year-old student supposedly attacked a 14-year-old student on campus in the afternoon.

The following day, the alleged attacker provided authorities with a statement of the incident and self-surrendered on May 3. He was subsequently released to his parents’ custody. He faces felony charges for second-degree assault, insinuating that an unspecified weapon may have been involved during the attack. Officials did not provide a motive but confirmed that the student was charged as a minor. He was also expelled from the school. Although he can eventually reapply, he will need to present his case to the school board.

A Lauderdale County Schools official reported that they are cooperating with law enforcement in the matter. She also emphasized their investment in student safety. Members of the school district are reportedly working to reassess school safety policies and make improvements.

The student was reportedly released from the hospital on May 6. Although the extent and exact nature of his injuries was not specified, he will reportedly take some time to fully recover.

When a juvenile faces criminal charges, they could face serious sanctions. Regardless of conviction, these might include consequences such as expulsion from school. A criminal defense attorney might be able to negotiate a plea agreement, especially for juvenile offenders who may not have a prior criminal record.

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